Terms for Graphics

You may use the graphics for personal, school or  business use
as long as you abide by our Terms of Use.

As long as you don't share the graphics and tubes as they are, and you give credit and a link to J.Rett Graphics, you may use our graphics to design anything your imagination allows.

You may use our graphics to design your projects for school use, personal use
and products you sell including:

Business Use
Embroidery & Digitizing
Candy Wrappers, Paint Cans etc.
School Use
Bumper stickers
Craft projects
School projects
Classroom activites
Bulletin board
Products for Fundraisers.
Greeting cards
Digital Scrapbooking & Kits
Online greetings
Online Cards
Auction Templates
Make stationery
Paper piecing
Recipe Cards
Address Labels
Coffee Mugs
MySpace layouts
Face Book
Website design
Classroom use,
School use
Parent Teacher Organization
Non Profit Organizations
Design products you sell from your website.
Design products you sell in auctions.
Design products you sell on Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest, Cafe Press, Zazzle, Ebay, etc.

and much more as long as you give credit and a link to J.Rett Graphics.
If you are not sure, just email us.

You can also find so many answers to your question on our FAQs page.

If you have a website, you must give credit to J.Rett Graphics for any image used
on the same web page it is used
(a text link on the page the graphic is used is sufficient),
in any email that it is used
or added to your brochure that J.Rett Graphics were used.
You do not have to put J.Rett on the actual product unless it is a website template.

Anyone who uses our graphics to design products they sell online
must give credit and a link to J.Rett Graphics.

If you make auction templates, you must include a link to J.Rett Graphics.

Wrappers shared in a locked forum may be used for personal use only.

If you have a question, please ask.

If you have a commercial  or personal site.
Download banner below and link back to J.Rett Graphics

You may not :

Share the graphics and tubes as they are.
You may not share, transfer or sell your membership graphics, graphic cds or any downloaded graphics.

Pass any tube or graphic through ANY Email list  group or forum.
If you want to share a picture of something you made, give credit to J.Rett Graphics.

You may not watermark. This is a form of claiming a graphic as your own.
Make tubes from graphics.
Claim any graphic or tube as your own. In otherwords, you may not state...graphic by(your name). 
Add any tube or graphic to a CD collection  that you are selling or giving away.
If you make sigtags, you must add J.Rett to the filename and include in your email
"Graphics used to make tag were obtained from
J.Rett Graphics.

Put any tube or graphic on your site or any other site for others to download.

Our scrapbooking cds may be used for personal use only and may not be sold or redistributed in any form.

This is in consideration of other customers.  Please respect that.
Anyone in violation of these terms will lose their right to use our graphics.

Most of all.....Enjoy them.

I'm so very glad to have you as a customer!

Have a delightful day!

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